8:12 PM

The glass is definitely half full

I received my personal items from work today. Aside from the snide comment from the courier who noted that I was still in my pajamas after 9 a.m. it was nice to have a delivery. That is until he also mentioned that something in the box seemed to be leaking....

It appears my lovely co-worker didn't bother to empty my travel mug so the now rotten coffee was all over my things....lucky for me the last time I used the mug I had only left maybe a third of a cup. Maybe it was because I'm a non-morning person but it seemed a bit like kicking someone when they're down to me.

On the up-side I am really loving my little Mr.Coffee capuccino machine - a Christmas gift from my sis. I use my IKEA $3 milk frother thingamajig and the microwave for the steamed milk since I hate cleaning the steamer part and use the espresso part with some BC type of crazy coffee - Kicking Horse...more like kicking ass...can't help but wake up when you're drinking that!