12:59 PM


Who knew so much could change in 7 months!

No, I haven't quite got the running down.  No, I haven't quite got the anxiety issues solved.  No, the home renos aren't finished.
Crap now I think I have more things to do.

Anyways, life has been busy without all of the above.  Today is a day off.  I have those quite often and yet they are no longer filled with doing nothingness.  (ok sometimes I slide that in)  Having someone in my life and that someone having a young someone in his life means things have gotten very busy. 

I'm used to busy at work.  I'm good at busy at work.  Busy at home?  What is this?  And never mind busy at home....often it's busy being out from home. 

There is baseball to cheer on, practices to get to, tournaments to book hotels for, socializing with family who live closer than 13 hrs away, date nights, hanging out with a pre-teen nights and some nights are now almost entirely just laundry nights.  And cleaning up the kitchen from someone else cooking nights.  Oh and there was ringette and bowling, there is still some gymnastics and I haven't gotten to football yet.  And this weekend there will be camping. 


It has required some adapting but it is a heck of a lot of fun!  Gotta go do laundry!