10:00 PM

Chasing the wagon 1 week at a time

Got back to the gym tonight in time to do my 5k on the elliptical only.

I also started some enzymes and a super duper pro-biotic this week to take care of what could be an overgrowth of yeast apparently - causes fatigue, sugar cravings, crazy pms among other fun. However my stomach doesn't love the enzymes or I apparently used them to discover I have an ulcer starting...awesome! Suddenly the yucky yeast cleanse isn't sounding so bad...

5k on elliptical in 31m 55s

Goal is to get back again in under 7 days.

7:05 AM

Found the wagon and then found dessert

Ok so I fell off the wagon for 3 weeks.

It started with trying to get some renos done. Installing laminate flooring actually caused my body to complain more than workouts do.

Then company arrived.

Then some more renos in the form of baseboard installation.

Then company arrived. This company makes the wagon chase her.

So back to the gym I went; on a Sunday morning. Which just seems wrong on many levels.

I had my best elliptical time in ages. Go figure. Then we went to Olive Garden and I ate too much. My weight problem has not improved during my gym hiatus and I have actually been eating pretty healthily. My GP had no explanation either. Starting up vitamins about a month ago does seem to be helping with fatigue.

So for now it's time to revisit chasing the wagon, eating healthier, taking my vitamins and maybe consider a visit to a naturopath.

5k in 31m 34s
most of a weight circuit but the addition of free weights for arms