3:15 PM

Back to the basics

So after much soul searching and little sleep I realized that I have a problem. And I don't think I'm alone but I alone can work on it.

I struggle with insecurity. And when you add that to a bad history of relationships and a habit of giving up your own interests when in one, it's a real bad thing.

I gave my apologies to the great guy I was seeing. I totally lost my shit this past week. And I didn't really see it coming when I probably should have.

And like most of life, there are no do-overs. I need to pick myself up and try to figure this shit out for once and for all.

Today that meant I didn't crawl back in bed. I went for a run - well a walk/run and to the library and grocery store. Lucky for me a girlfriend kept me company via chat on her phone. And agreed to run a 5k with me in a couple of months and do some training together. Next up Linksome low-cal lunch stuff at the store since some weight gain hasn't helped either.

I found a great article here that actually described to a "t" what has gone on. And gave real advice on what to do. I don't imagine I'll be fixed up right away but every little step forward is a good thing.

10:21 AM

Win some and lose some

Apparently my overly analytical and hot headed self is too much to handle. I actually like having some plans of my own, looking forward to them and following through.

Guess I suddenly have more time for renos and the gym again.