8:18 PM

Almost 2 yrs of radio silence

Still learning about myself.  Still dating.  Still chasing the idea of running.

No longer a quasi rural girl.  Now a city girl.  Way more social life.  Sometimes miss my neighbors and the smaller city.  Don't miss my commute.

Have tried new things.  Horseback riding.  Skiing.  New tunes on a new shuffle.  New decor.  New vehicle.  Then new job....self-employed.  Scared shitless at first.

Lost a boyfriend.  And a child in my life.  Lost Boo.  Lost perspective.

Gained new friends.  Gained some new confidence.  Renewed a contract.  Renewed an interest in school.  Renewed an interest in dating...sometimes.

This year....need to run a 5k.  Need to book some camping sites.  Need quieter neighbors.  Need some vacation.