6:37 PM

Some women change their hair

after a breakup...I tend to redecorate.

Apparently I'm craving something bright and girly since this is what followed me home from Fabricland yesterday.

And began a transformation of this:

To something a bit more like this:

With the intention of eventually being a bit more like this:

I think the lampshades may need changing up and there is much more sewing to go but it looks like the next project is underway. And I was going to say that this time it doesn't involve paint - but there may be some painting coming up soon too.

Now grapefruit avocado salad is calling and the sewing machine needs to cool down.

9:56 PM

I need them more than he does

I'm a big believer in the homemade and/or heartfelt gift. I may not always be the best communicator with words but I like to think I try to convey my feelings in other ways.

I gave someone Ghirardelli triple chocolate brownies the other day as a belated Valentine.

I want them back.

(and for those familiar with Sex and the City and the post-it episode...it was almost that bad)

8:38 PM

Oh Mother!

So I asked the question what do you do for Valentine's day when you find yourself suddenly single and guess where the reply came from?

My mom.

Every so often I can "hear" my mom's words in my head. Not in the freaky ghost or anything weird way but the way that even daughters whose mothers are still alive sometimes "hear" their mothers. What she said was "You can never go wrong with an apology."

And like most daughters, damn I hate when she's right.

10:10 AM

Suddenly Single for Valentine's

When you suddenly find yourself single just in time for Valentine's Day, what do you do?

  • Find a slasher movie, get the biggest popcorn they sell AND chocolate and go by yourself
  • Order enough Chinese food for 2 (or 3) and stay in
  • Work late and go to bed early
  • Take the dogs to the off-leash and spend the rest of the evening cleaning the mud off
  • Stop at Costco, chat with flirty liquor store guy and bring home bottle of wine for 1
  • Make a batch of brownies; eat same
Other suggestions?

8:54 PM

Tropics meet -22

Adapted from a bunch of recipes to suit what I had on hand...

Peach Mango Bread Pudding

8-10 slices somewhat stale bread
butter or margarine
E.D Smith Peach Mango fruit spread a la Costco
Eggs (or in this case, Egg Beaters)
Brown sugar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Butter one side of enough pieces of stale bread to fit butter side down into casserole dish. Spread with Peach Mango fruit spread. Tear remaining bread into enough pieces to cover bottom layer. Melt about 1/4 cup of margarine and pour over. In mixer, mix together about 3-4 eggs worth and 1.5 - 1.75 cups milk with 1/3 cup of white sugar and 1/4 cup of brown sugar and a tsp or 2 of vanilla. You could add cinnamon at this point too - I didn't. Mix together egg mixture until frothy. Pour over bread in casserole and make sure to dunk any pieces sticking up. Let sit for a few minutes before putting in oven.
Bake for 45 mins to an hour until puffed up and set.

(about 40 mins in I sprinkled it with more white sugar so it would be crispy on top)

Probably best served with ice cream or whipped cream but I even ate it warm...yum!

8:21 PM

Have tiles...need ambition...

The kitchen as we last saw it:

The now purchased "kitchen jewelery" awaiting installation:

Grout color?