8:12 PM

I think the wagon is lapping me

Alright so I fell off the fitness wagon a while back...maybe even Octoberish. I was definitely off in November especially after I was the picture of grace at the Olympic Oval and fell on my knee..hard...I don't think it's supposed to turn black in under 90 seconds.

But now I have no excuse. After some physio to loosen up my neck and back post car accident (end of Oct.) and geting a little to fix up for the knee I really should have been back to the gym by now. And the last 2 days are showing me that I am way off track and going to need some serious work to get back to where I was at one point. Which still wasn't where I wanted to be!

Yesterday I decided to take my everloving hound for a walk. And because I feel guilty for not walking him more, I decided we would go big before we went home. We walked further than we ever have and were gone for an hour; I even threw in a few stints of jogging. I got home to discover that I looked like I did when I started exercising - the red v on my face and unattractive splotchiness. I also had hives - wtf?

So today I thought we should go again, but maybe not as far since I was hurting a bit. But then we got out there and I thought "you lazy woman - it's only dogwalking!" and so we repeated the same distance as yesterday. My best guess is it was somewhere between 6 and 7 km. I can't keep up with my dog in all honesty and he's been as lacking in exercise as I have.

Right now I'm realizing that you can get shin splints walking the dog, which means that you are in sad shape. And your HipHop Abs tape will probably kill you. And you shouldn't have ordered Chinese takeout on Saturday and still be eating it or you will be hauling it with you on the next walk and maybe the walking would be easier with less of you to haul.

The wagon analogy is sadly appropriate...I remember trying to catch up and get back on a hay ride once. It's so much harder than just staying on the wagon. In fact there is likely to come a day when you wish the wagon would just run you over on it's next lap...

6:45 PM

And they ask why I'm still single

A peek into the world of online dating:

From: panda beer
Subject: i would like to talk to u

i would like to talk ot you you sound a lot like me i am looking for a down to earth pure of heart woman who likes icecream slurrppees getting up and going i like the mountains banff is just one of my many parradises i work 5 days a week and am honest caring of the people how meen the most to me i like to kick back on hte patio with the bbq going and a cold one i am my own person i like things easy not hared i hope to here from you

From: Positive Note
Subject: Beyond Average Can you handle it ?

You are looking for somone like me. Sorry for being so bold as to say that, but the more you allow yourself to get to know me the more you will realize how honest and correct I am.

From: ed_999
Subject: u never know

hello im ED and i read your profile and think maybe we should try to chat and see if they is something there since we both have the same out look on live and ny pic doesnt do me justice but that is live well ill let u back to what ever u were doing and let u deside for your and hope we can chat bye for now

Subject: Hello

Your words are insperational.

But Having been married for almost 20 years I can tell you that a lady changes a man regardless of his independence before they have met. Its like having not influenced the course of time by simply being there to photograph a crucial momoent in time.

If you are turely looking for a man who is not influenced by a lady, then please do not respond. If you believe that you can change the path of planets and comets that please just smile.

8:09 PM

Resolution procrastination plans busted

My copy of HipHop Abs showed up in the mail on Friday. It has been staring at me all day today...or maybe I just feel like that because there are 3 dogs in the house so someone is always trying to get something! No, I didn't lose my mind and get Boo a posse; I'm dogsitting (and it could be enough to convince me that 1 dog is enough.)

Now if I could just convince myself to open the DVD player and pop in Shaun T...

6:06 PM

Take that, resolution!

This past weekend I cleared the papers off of my desk in my home office. I also cleared the growing piles of magazines off of the coffee table. It was a sucky job but phew does it look much better...other than the pieces of the new and "simpler" desk...

In theory, that white desk will go between the bookcases and replace the glass and metal desk which can then be sold or given away. That's assuming that I can get it put together in a fashion that will support a computer on top of it. Don't ask how the file cabinet is put together.

The living room with it's new chair now looks like this:

And the dining room has new curtains and may get a new paint job to kind of match the living room drapes and chair...

Yes, I realize that the dog bed and assortment of toys don't go with the decor. And neither does the ottoman but it's a throwback that my grandfather used and we played on as kids and then my mom covered for my first place. Eventually it will go down to the basement or something. The cream chair's matching loveseat sized sofa is down there already but there is no television in the basement and no man in the house to require that the basement become an entertainment mecca.

I have to say that the house is coming along though. Some of you may not remember the purple dining room, red living room, orange kitchen, bright blue and bright pink bedrooms and khaki master bedroom but I do. A quick recap...

Some days I still find it frustrating that I can see so-so workmanship on the trim or light fixtures that I have yet to replace. Another big change in the last almost 3 years is that I now have a kind of affection for my reno palace. It is what it is but it's mine and it's getting there...and so am I most days.