10:00 PM

Chasing the wagon 1 week at a time

Got back to the gym tonight in time to do my 5k on the elliptical only.

I also started some enzymes and a super duper pro-biotic this week to take care of what could be an overgrowth of yeast apparently - causes fatigue, sugar cravings, crazy pms among other fun. However my stomach doesn't love the enzymes or I apparently used them to discover I have an ulcer starting...awesome! Suddenly the yucky yeast cleanse isn't sounding so bad...

5k on elliptical in 31m 55s

Goal is to get back again in under 7 days.

7:05 AM

Found the wagon and then found dessert

Ok so I fell off the wagon for 3 weeks.

It started with trying to get some renos done. Installing laminate flooring actually caused my body to complain more than workouts do.

Then company arrived.

Then some more renos in the form of baseboard installation.

Then company arrived. This company makes the wagon chase her.

So back to the gym I went; on a Sunday morning. Which just seems wrong on many levels.

I had my best elliptical time in ages. Go figure. Then we went to Olive Garden and I ate too much. My weight problem has not improved during my gym hiatus and I have actually been eating pretty healthily. My GP had no explanation either. Starting up vitamins about a month ago does seem to be helping with fatigue.

So for now it's time to revisit chasing the wagon, eating healthier, taking my vitamins and maybe consider a visit to a naturopath.

5k in 31m 34s
most of a weight circuit but the addition of free weights for arms

10:18 PM

Still going

I haven't fallen off the wagon yet...although there have been some missed days here and there.

The latest reno project has taken a bit of a toll so tonight was the first night back since Saturday. Ironically I also had my best cardio workout yet but had to cut my weight circuit a bit short since I struggled to go tonight and got there late.

5k on elliptical in 32:17 m

Annoyingly the weight I've gained isn't peeling off but hopefully that will come.

11:05 PM


Sometimes I have my most satisfying workouts on my toughest days...go figure!

4.4 k in 31 mins - 2k on the treadmill and 2.4 k on elliptical. Shinsplints are better but still complain during running. Elliptical is much faster than the treadmill so in some ways more satisfying.

Weight circuit - maintaining from my last increase.

10:17 PM

Sometimes bad days aren't so bad

I felt like crap when I dragged myself to the gym tonight. Some months I swear mother nature is delivering a death threat and not a gift. Ironically tonight I had my best time to complete 5k on the elliptical yet. Working out pms and stress must increase the pace somehow!

5k on elliptical in 33:10m
Weights still mostly up - a couple I couldn't remember what I was at....oops

This Thursday will be 3 weeks. I wonder if it will be a habit by then? I haven't seen body size or weight progress so something better be happening.

9:49 PM

Not quite a habit

I was too tired and late home from work on Thursday to manage the gym. Then I felt guilty for the next few days. In future it may be easier to go to the gym.

5k on elliptical in 35:26m
Weights - increases on a few machines - yay me!

Shins and knees are still complaining but less and less so there's hope for a return to the treadmill in the future.

10:28 PM

Ibuprofen is my friend

My lower legs do not seem convinced about this new fitness plan. In fact they seem a bit angry and sulky. Shin splints are back, they've convinced the knees to complain also and tonight I seem to have a sore top of my right foot. It's like a union movement!

Switched to elliptical....5 k without my heart exploding in 38 m
Weight circuit was cut a bit short because I didn't get to the gym until late due to procrastination.

7:02 PM

Half the battle is showing up

I took Friday off which was my "scheduled" gym day. It was a combination of shin splints and pure laziness I think.

Today I made it back...but my shins and knees were not so happy to be there. I managed 3k on the treadmill and switched to the elliptical. I suspect the next while will test my ability to find a new way to get back in shape and stay on track. Tonight....ice.

3k in 26:15 m
2k on elliptical in 15 mins
A few adjustments on weights.

10:15 PM

Back to life...back to reality

1st workout when back at work after a week off. Of course day 1 back at work was busy and day 2, the day I was supposed to work out again was a 12 hr day starting at 7:00 a.m. For those who know me, that is an ungodly hour.

Nonetheless I made it to the gym. I figured if I started finding excuses now I'd be sunk.

5k in 46:43 m (still 5 and 1s)
weights...shoulder press up 10 lbs!

10:08 PM

3rd time's a charm

Well not quite but making it 3 times is actually an accomplishment!

5k in 46:45 m
weight circuit as usual

Sweat seemed double but run didn't feel quite as hard until the end!

5:07 PM

All uphill

At least that's the way it felt. The treadmill actually only said 1% incline.

5k in 47:34 m
weight circuit made me realize that I actually was sore from the other day's workout

And this time I remembered to charge my shuffle so I actually had tunes.

The goal is to consistently try to do 5k and gradually get faster by increasing my run/walk intervals.

And of course fit into some old jeans.

10:27 PM

It's a long ways back to where I've been...

1st time back in the gym in....hmm....let's say....wow...let's just go with way too long.

4.1 km in 40 mins......ugh!
weights back to beginning

However I am feeling strangely...great!

I believe they say it takes 3 weeks to make something a habit. Wish me lots of habit forming behaviour!

9:17 PM

Guess what time of year it is?

5:56 PM

Bling and mud

I finally finished tiling the kitchen back splash. The grout actually looked like Manitoba clay. And felt like dealing with it too. Apparently renos could use some pre-training since my arms feel like spaghetti now.

I had a little trouble with haze but you have to love Google - found a tip that suggested some vinegar in the water and it seemed to do the trick!

Here's the beginning... (well sort of - it was originally an orange kitchen with a hole where the dishwasher went and this was my cost-effective attempt to update it although some doors were duct taped together)


Not all the cabinets were the right sizes...ugh.

Correct size counter:

Tiles up:

With grout:

There is a valance to go above the sink and toe kick to go. There are also cabinets across with the fridge that need an outlet moved up and to be secured to the wall.

10:47 PM

The one year project

A year ago...

And then...

And then it was a comedy of errors of a few incorrect cabinet sizes that took months to finally show up. A countertop measurement mistakenly transposed on a fax that took and extra 6 weeks to remedy. And finally tile decisions and ordering and then the biggie...the motivation to install it.

Grout still to do... and toe kick.

7:04 PM

April mini project

Hmm....I seem to be getting one mini project per month done....

I added inserts to some plain curtains that were/are hanging in the dining room. And I forgot to take a before so just picture them plain.


May have to try for more pictures after dark since they're not lined. I also shortened them since puddling drapes may be stylish but not so much when they are puddling in dog hair.

Ah...much better! (And the fabric on the back of the chair is for another project...)

9:26 AM

Mini project

The kitchen is still in progress...like many things in the reno palace. However I did do a few little tweaks for the wall that never had cabinets before. They now tend to be a dumping ground so I'll have to work on that! I also need to buy some chalk:

I may also make a valance to go over the shade - which would cover the holes left by the previous curtain rod. And yes, the ladder will go back downstairs...although I do need something to reach the top cupboards!

4:37 PM

Rose coloured glasses?

More pillows to come - since I have more fabric! And I'd like to find a low dresser to paint out cream. There's a highboy at the end of the bed now.

6:37 PM

Some women change their hair

after a breakup...I tend to redecorate.

Apparently I'm craving something bright and girly since this is what followed me home from Fabricland yesterday.

And began a transformation of this:

To something a bit more like this:

With the intention of eventually being a bit more like this:

I think the lampshades may need changing up and there is much more sewing to go but it looks like the next project is underway. And I was going to say that this time it doesn't involve paint - but there may be some painting coming up soon too.

Now grapefruit avocado salad is calling and the sewing machine needs to cool down.

9:56 PM

I need them more than he does

I'm a big believer in the homemade and/or heartfelt gift. I may not always be the best communicator with words but I like to think I try to convey my feelings in other ways.

I gave someone Ghirardelli triple chocolate brownies the other day as a belated Valentine.

I want them back.

(and for those familiar with Sex and the City and the post-it episode...it was almost that bad)

8:38 PM

Oh Mother!

So I asked the question what do you do for Valentine's day when you find yourself suddenly single and guess where the reply came from?

My mom.

Every so often I can "hear" my mom's words in my head. Not in the freaky ghost or anything weird way but the way that even daughters whose mothers are still alive sometimes "hear" their mothers. What she said was "You can never go wrong with an apology."

And like most daughters, damn I hate when she's right.

10:10 AM

Suddenly Single for Valentine's

When you suddenly find yourself single just in time for Valentine's Day, what do you do?

  • Find a slasher movie, get the biggest popcorn they sell AND chocolate and go by yourself
  • Order enough Chinese food for 2 (or 3) and stay in
  • Work late and go to bed early
  • Take the dogs to the off-leash and spend the rest of the evening cleaning the mud off
  • Stop at Costco, chat with flirty liquor store guy and bring home bottle of wine for 1
  • Make a batch of brownies; eat same
Other suggestions?

8:54 PM

Tropics meet -22

Adapted from a bunch of recipes to suit what I had on hand...

Peach Mango Bread Pudding

8-10 slices somewhat stale bread
butter or margarine
E.D Smith Peach Mango fruit spread a la Costco
Eggs (or in this case, Egg Beaters)
Brown sugar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Butter one side of enough pieces of stale bread to fit butter side down into casserole dish. Spread with Peach Mango fruit spread. Tear remaining bread into enough pieces to cover bottom layer. Melt about 1/4 cup of margarine and pour over. In mixer, mix together about 3-4 eggs worth and 1.5 - 1.75 cups milk with 1/3 cup of white sugar and 1/4 cup of brown sugar and a tsp or 2 of vanilla. You could add cinnamon at this point too - I didn't. Mix together egg mixture until frothy. Pour over bread in casserole and make sure to dunk any pieces sticking up. Let sit for a few minutes before putting in oven.
Bake for 45 mins to an hour until puffed up and set.

(about 40 mins in I sprinkled it with more white sugar so it would be crispy on top)

Probably best served with ice cream or whipped cream but I even ate it warm...yum!

8:21 PM

Have tiles...need ambition...

The kitchen as we last saw it:

The now purchased "kitchen jewelery" awaiting installation:

Grout color?

5:26 PM

Early spring cleaning

I haven't felt like I have been making tracks on the reno palace in a while. Today was bitterly cold I didn't feel inclined to head out and about but also didn't want to start a huge project.

The pantry in its chaotic state had been bugging me for a while so I thought I'd re-organize it. I emptied it and was shocked how much stuff I'd managed to cram in there (and yes, wish I had a better before pic with it all in the pantry!):

Of course once I had all the "stuff" out I realized how grimy the shelves were and how dingy the paint was and remembered how many crayon drawings there were inside the doors.

Which led to this:

And finally the satisfying end in sight:

Followed by realizing that even with one very jam packed jumbo bag of garbage purged out it's still a pretty full pantry!