7:58 PM

Slush anyone?

Today we had hail...and lots of it!

I have to say that this is the greenest I've ever seen Calgary at this point in the summer. It's been quite a wild weather summer here so far.

The upside is that I haven't had to water the lawn and that most of the marigolds I put in seem to be doing well. I fully admit that I'm no gardener and it's survival of the fittest in my yard. The downside is that it's tough to plan for outdoors stuff...I got the backyard mowed but not the front and was just heading out with the dog for a walk when I saw the clouds rolling in that would bring the hail, so we only got as far as collecting the mail down the street.

My next planned camping trip is August 8th to a spot called Cow Lake. I am really missing the lakes from home and am hoping that it's a good campground. There are no services so I will be trying to charge up the battery for the trailer now that I have all of the propane stuff working. The window cranks that needed replacing were fixed this weekend and now I have more detail type stuff to work on but nothing that would stop a trip out!

Here are some interior pics:
The drawers were still in the house at this point. I need to work on floor trim and some toss cushions.

This was the original fabric which went well with all of the faux wood!

And a Boo update - his feet are healed and he's back to his sweetheart self!

4:27 PM

Camping or How I broke the dog

Well I finally made it out for my first trip in years with the trailer! I didn't expect to go that far on my first trip but ended up out near Rocky Mountain House. It feels like a trek to the boondocks but is absolutely gorgeous.

I was in an ATV/Quadders paradise apparently and even got to go for a ride. I'm not sure if I could do that every day and every weekend but it does get you closer to some pretty amazing sights. ( I am on the back of the quad in the pic but learned to duck to not be totally soaked...and when I grow up I want to drive just like Jody)

The dogs ran behind us on some of the trails and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Even Boo who is normally afraid of water if it's in anything larger than his dish.

But later he seemed to be not just tired but sore. As the night went on he stayed put but when we went to go back to our spot he was limping badly. Poor thing had torn up his pads, and is very hobbly now. I have learned that I can lift him but not only do I need to go back to the gym but I think he can lay off the food a little...93lbs is a lot when they're in need of help with the back of the truck, stairs etc. I've polysporin'd him up and will keep an eye on him for the next couple of days and feel guilty.

All in all it was a great trip - I have a list of things I need to pack for next time, some finishing work on window cranks and trim but now the renos seem worth it. And I remember why I bought the trailer in the first place! Although it does look a bit wee next to the big boys...

10:47 PM


(oohaY is Yahoo backwards - as it appears to me on the doors and windows in my building from the inside)

This year I think I have Stampede covered:

  • - party under tents, with live band and food (pulled pork, spicy brown beans and coleslaw with corn in it) and whiskey sours
  • - parade - able to see some of it from my cube
  • - chuck wagon races at a private function with my cousin and her sig. other
  • - pancake breakfast - 2 actually, one outdoors and one at work in our cafeteria - better food, not as nice as being outside and who ever came up with putting the bacon right in the pancake??
  • - beer garden at the grounds for a beer
  • - corn dog (mmmmm.....corn dog!)
  • - chuck wagon races and draft beer....and a mini donut...and some cotton candy and betting against your coworkers
  • - the grandstand show - unbelievable!
  • - boots - worn many times and no blisters :-)
  • - hat - worn many times and once it's on, it's not coming off due to serious hat head


  • Viewed - lots - they're all over downtown
  • Chatted up - nada....have not yet located my mojo it seems

2:52 PM

Cabana boy not included?!

The little trailer is coming along although I keep finding more things to fix as I go. Latest is the sink drain which I never use but will see if I can fix anyway so that if anyone dumps anything down the sink it doesn't end up on my dishes. I bought a new "porch light" for it as well since I can no longer get a cover for the old one. Two window cranks are on order to replace the stripped ones. Flooring is still underway but is definitely not my forte and I am hoping to finish painting the cabinet doors and add the new hardware today. I also have one more bunk cushion to cover and then some throw pillows to cover. And I will probably take it in for new tires.

This is the inside when I was tearing it apart but had started painting the cabinets:

Today I decided to see what the cabana that came with the trailer was all about:

It's kind of neat; it installs in a channel along the roof's edge. This required a ladder and more patience than I generally have so I'm not sure what it would be like to put up when in a campsite by myself. The tip of one of the poles is broken and the others are a little rough but some wd40 will probably fix 2 of them. I think it needs some patio lights. And it didn't come with a lounger and cabana boy delivering slushy drinks....