8:03 PM

Omitting the email address to protect the not so innocent...

Another day, another gem....this time I'm wondering if by emailing this person I would then be inundated by requests for cash or assistance or penis enlargement offers?

Hello Dear, How are you? your lovely profile got me intrigue and i could not hesitate sharing of ideographs and getting to share and know each other, i do not usually check up my account here please contact me at drxxx@yahoo.com for further communications. Thanks as i hope to read from you soonest.TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR SELF. Cheers and Remain Blessed.

10:26 PM

Why I'm still single again....in case I tried to forget

Honestly I have had conversations/IMs/emails online that have gone quite well. Some have been interesting and even intelligent. But usually about the time I'm thinking that it's going well things shift...to the dark side of super ego or strangeness or they become "forward" (that's the way the guy below described it but I think he's understating it just a little bit).

"I have a feeling you might have a closet wild side. But I guess I kind of do. I mean I don't do anything too freaky I'm more about intense love making. I can give someone energy and it's a gift that takes two people that care to share it and explore it. I hate condoms and I hate flings. So even if we just date short term I can let you sample the intensity and vice versa. I'm not desperate and that's why I'm single still. I dont settle for just anyone. But I get impatient."

Actually maybe that is just mildly "forward" because I've also received emails which contained pictures of a saran-wrapped penis and a 45 yr old businessman in a diaper....
Of course when someone asks why you're still single you can't just up and tell them those things...it might just give them the wrong idea or the impression you're just picky....

9:06 PM

So that's how the Easter Bunny works!

I spoke with my nephews the other night. The youngest asked if the Easter Bunny had come to my house. When I told him no there was quite a pause at the other end of the line. Then he suggested that maybe the Easter Bunny had gotten lost coming this direction. I agreed that maybe that was the case. Then he said "maybe it's because you don't have a kid". Not a bad theory....it could also explain Santa's absence.

So of course not being content to leave that out there I said "well, should I get a boy or a girl then?". I should know that I won't get the answers I expect when I ask a seemingly logical next question with the boys; especially the younger one. My nephew then explained, "You should get a boy because then he could be your boyfriend and marry you and then you could have a baby."

And of course it follows that then the Easter Bunny would come. Seems like a long process for some chocolate...

8:47 PM

A little too Tammy Faye?

Has anyone else seen the stiletto mascara commercial and wondered if they were serious? It actually freaked me out a bit the first time I saw it...like spider legs growing out of that chick's face!
I tend to be influenced by marketing...I did actually buy Hiphop Abs after all....but I think it's safe to say that even my blondish lashes are afraid to purchase this product.

7:41 PM

Bran...not just for Grandmas any more!

I am still dragging myself to boot camp. Today it was tough to go but after 5 days off I knew that if I didn't go I might fall right off the wagon. I do feel great afterwards...ah the benefit of endorphins! Too bad they aren't addictive enough to make it easy to go in the first place.

Last week at class I had my measurements taken. Ladies, this is not something for the feint of heart. Some parts of me have moved into the 40s...and it wasn't just my body's water percentage. And when asked for my age I couldn't remember at first. Oh dear.

My dad also visited for Easter and as often happens when I have friends or family around, I easily succumbed to temptation and ate wonderful tasting things that will not be helping those measurements. Today feeling sluggish and snug in a skirt that I didn't remember being snug in the past I realized that I hadn't really eaten veggies since Thursday (unless we count hot spinach dip). In the past this would not have been a big deal. And I like veggies. But the 30s are not what the 20s were and apparently I am heading towards needing my fiber.

By 80 I might just be eating straight bran while doing water aerobics at this rate. Does anyone have a recipe for bran brownies??

9:25 PM

Trying to catch the wagon

Tonight was my second night of boot camp.

I woke up last night in the middle of the night because I hurt in all kinds of places. I'm not sure how or why but I dragged my sad, sore you know what back again tonight. At the moment just clearing my throat sends pain through my abs...or my ab area where one day I hope there will be abs.

The class is basically circuit training with hand weights but the exercises are never the same two nights in a row. I admit it, as the exercises went on I started to approach each new one thinking "what fresh hell is this?" By halfway through the first evening's class I started thinking mean thoughts about the instructor who has lost a very considerable amount of weight but still has a spare tire and how he should be perhaps joining us for what he was dishing out...yes, in far less polite terms.

But I have survived two nights and am hoping to make it through a third. Pray for me.