8:50 PM

From the front lines

Or more like the back of the class...

I'm still going but have missed some classes. I'm less sore than I was during the first 2 weeks. And I now have a puffer so that my lungs aren't on fire nearly as much as they were when we started doing some cardio outside. I think my strength is improving.

But and it's a big butt....my booty is not downsizing. My pants are still more snug than I'd like. I am eating better than I was but still struggle with sweets cravings and munchie cravings.

So this week I'm trying to go 4 times a week. If that doesn't start kicking some butt then I don't know what will.

In other news, my grandmother was evacuated from her home last week (and is still out). She lives in Santa Barbara which is a beautiful place that has been under siege from fire. Apparently she has lost her garage and a motorhome parked in the driveway but the house is intact. Since I've never lived in an area affected by fire, I was surprised to hear that the water lines to the house and plumbing has melted and needs replacement!

I was watching the news carefully last week and have to say I am happy not to be a firefighter. Don't get me wrong, I am impressed with the people who do that job every day. They held fires back from individual homes as though they were their own families' homes. And I suspect that they do way more work than I do at my little boot camp to be able to do their jobs.

10:50 AM

Missed Marketing Opportunity

I watched Nights in Rodanthe last night.

First of all, movies should come with a Kleenex rating. Nevermind the restricted and parental warnings. No single woman in her 30s renting a movie gives a rat's arse about those. But a kleenex rating? Now that would be helpful. We would still rent those movies but we would be prepared.

And because of this rating, movie rental stores could and should also sell kleenex at the till. Instead of asking about snacks (or maybe in addition to) the clerk would ask, "are you sure you have enough kleenex? and maybe you should take some extra chocolate too?"

I have The Reader and Bride Wars yet to watch this weekend...not sure if I'm stocked up enough on kleenex but we'll see.

PS - I also learned something valuable at boot camp this week. Resistance bands hurt like mad when they snap back at you but most importantly, they don't leave a mark for more than a few hours. And you should really make sure you don't just have them under the toe of your sneakers but are truly standing on the wiley buggers.