10:35 PM

Famous Reds

Came across this slideshow today...it made me smile... http://tvguide.sympatico.msn.ca/Galleries/pg_index2?feedname=PHOTO_GALLERY-TVG_REDHEADS&pos=1

Back to running tonight...after 2 weeks away! I still managed a 5k even though I was sure I was going to drop dead on the treadmill right next to the super-built hulking weightlifter dude. Funny how the fear of totally embarassing yourself will keep you going!

Most recent run: Tonight, 3.11 miles (or 5k) in 41m 20s

Days left to train for run: Guess I'd better pick a run...

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10:08 PM

The prince not so charming trend

So I had a birthday...and now it seems I'm at the point where I could quite happily let the number go unnoticed and just have the celebration! It may sound ridiculous but most days I think I feel about 28 even though the life experience tally could be closer to 45 or so.

Especially when I read about "lost boys" who still live at home in their 30s and beyond, don't have any big motivation or aspirations and are kind of drop-outs from what I consider to be reality....stuff like trying to make something of yourself, having something to show for your efforts, trying to find balance between working and relaxing and generally being self-sufficient with a little left over to try and give back.

Read the article and subsequent comments here: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2008/05/21/f-vp-handler.html

Now generally I'm a live and let live kind of person, but something that sets me off is people who feel entitled without lifting a finger...or moving a braincell. And that's basically the impression I get from a lot of guys in their 20s and 30s and many of those who commented on the article. The "why should I bust my ass?" kind of attitude grates on me and makes me want to ask "why should I bust mine to cover mine and yours?" or why should your parents? or your wife?

I don't feel the need to have an extraordinary house or luxury vehicles but after now being the primary breadwinner and person motivated to have a home base and some plans; in stark contrast to my sig. other a few times, I am starting to wonder if there actually is a trend and it's not just the guys I choose? I have been accused of being a "nester" by one ex's mother like it was incredibly distasteful to want to create a comfortable home. Ironically I've also been called "ambitious" and a "go-getter" using the same tone. My ex mother-in-law raved about what a hard worker my ex was "when he's working" and didn't understand how strange that sounded.

Why is it that the women I know are so self-reliant and able to push themselves in so many ways (homeowners, caregivers, exceptional at what they do for a living and have hobbies and other skills to boot) and the guys out there seem so lukewarm about anything other than kicking back and allowing others to take on all of the responsibility? Is Homer Simpson really who they are happy to become? If the label for women with this attitude is princess, what do we call this new kind of guy?

9:50 PM

Self cleaning house

Why can't they come up with a self-cleaning house? and yard? I never seem to be on top of all the work that should be going on around this place and having company only makes that more apparent.

Most recent run: Tues, 3.11 miles (or 5k) in 41m 40s (sucking wind the whole time on this one)

Days left to train for run: 17...unless I opt for the father's day 5k instead...

7:35 PM

Shopping for a truck is like online dating....

Lately I've been looking for a truck to pull my trailer (see pics below). Who knew that this would be such a challenge in Alberta? I have also been doing a little bit of online dating and I can't help but notice some similarites:

  • - Very few people use current photos
  • - A description can sound really intriguing compared to reality
  • - Guys want to discuss size and performance

However, although it sounds very close to something I might have heard during an online chat, "it's got new rubber" has only been used while telling me about the truck that I've called to enquire about...

So far I haven't found anything I like enough for more than a quick test drive in either domain.

Most recent run: Saturday, 3.11 miles (or 5k) in 40m 10s

Days left to train for run: 18

Dates since last post: 0 (one request that I put off for a week lol)

10:24 PM

Summer deadline

I started working on the trailer last weekend...with any luck this weekend will bring warm weather, the mowing will go quickly and I can continue to pretend the basement will finish painting itself.

Before washing, repairs and waxing:

and after:

Next up is interior work...painting cabinets, finishing re-covering the front bunks, flooring and cleaning. I think it may be more than a 1 weekend job....

6:49 PM

A Fresh Start Monday

Today I started another new job...and no, I didn't get let go from the last one in the month that I was there! I had applied for this one at the same time and their hiring process was a bit slower but when the offer came I had to put aside the guilt I felt about the job I was at and really consider:

  • - interesting work on new web projects
  • - a seemingly excited about the work group of coworkers/managers
  • - better pay
  • - a compressed workweek which means every other friday off
  • - still being able to take time off for a visit with my sis

And today the list got better:

  • - a window seat!
  • - subsidized cafeteria and lots of other stuff nearby
  • - a super smart group of coworkers and nice to boot!
  • - a blackberry but no on-call
  • - two (count 'em) two flat screen monitors
  • - a session in my first week that includes lunch at a fancy schmancy spot

The people at the last job were nice - no question about that and the consideration my boss gave me there and how great she was about me leaving was amazing. Almost renewed my faith in people again. But there was still a slight connection to my previous employer and all that drama and trauma. And that is something I would rather not deal with when I have the option of starting fresh.

Most recent run: Sunday, 3.11 miles (or 5k) in 42m 20s

Days left to train for run: 25

Dates since last post: 2 (with the same person)