11:05 PM


Sometimes I have my most satisfying workouts on my toughest days...go figure!

4.4 k in 31 mins - 2k on the treadmill and 2.4 k on elliptical. Shinsplints are better but still complain during running. Elliptical is much faster than the treadmill so in some ways more satisfying.

Weight circuit - maintaining from my last increase.

10:17 PM

Sometimes bad days aren't so bad

I felt like crap when I dragged myself to the gym tonight. Some months I swear mother nature is delivering a death threat and not a gift. Ironically tonight I had my best time to complete 5k on the elliptical yet. Working out pms and stress must increase the pace somehow!

5k on elliptical in 33:10m
Weights still mostly up - a couple I couldn't remember what I was at....oops

This Thursday will be 3 weeks. I wonder if it will be a habit by then? I haven't seen body size or weight progress so something better be happening.

9:49 PM

Not quite a habit

I was too tired and late home from work on Thursday to manage the gym. Then I felt guilty for the next few days. In future it may be easier to go to the gym.

5k on elliptical in 35:26m
Weights - increases on a few machines - yay me!

Shins and knees are still complaining but less and less so there's hope for a return to the treadmill in the future.

10:28 PM

Ibuprofen is my friend

My lower legs do not seem convinced about this new fitness plan. In fact they seem a bit angry and sulky. Shin splints are back, they've convinced the knees to complain also and tonight I seem to have a sore top of my right foot. It's like a union movement!

Switched to elliptical....5 k without my heart exploding in 38 m
Weight circuit was cut a bit short because I didn't get to the gym until late due to procrastination.

7:02 PM

Half the battle is showing up

I took Friday off which was my "scheduled" gym day. It was a combination of shin splints and pure laziness I think.

Today I made it back...but my shins and knees were not so happy to be there. I managed 3k on the treadmill and switched to the elliptical. I suspect the next while will test my ability to find a new way to get back in shape and stay on track. Tonight....ice.

3k in 26:15 m
2k on elliptical in 15 mins
A few adjustments on weights.

10:15 PM

Back to life...back to reality

1st workout when back at work after a week off. Of course day 1 back at work was busy and day 2, the day I was supposed to work out again was a 12 hr day starting at 7:00 a.m. For those who know me, that is an ungodly hour.

Nonetheless I made it to the gym. I figured if I started finding excuses now I'd be sunk.

5k in 46:43 m (still 5 and 1s)
weights...shoulder press up 10 lbs!

10:08 PM

3rd time's a charm

Well not quite but making it 3 times is actually an accomplishment!

5k in 46:45 m
weight circuit as usual

Sweat seemed double but run didn't feel quite as hard until the end!

5:07 PM

All uphill

At least that's the way it felt. The treadmill actually only said 1% incline.

5k in 47:34 m
weight circuit made me realize that I actually was sore from the other day's workout

And this time I remembered to charge my shuffle so I actually had tunes.

The goal is to consistently try to do 5k and gradually get faster by increasing my run/walk intervals.

And of course fit into some old jeans.

10:27 PM

It's a long ways back to where I've been...

1st time back in the gym in....hmm....let's say....wow...let's just go with way too long.

4.1 km in 40 mins......ugh!
weights back to beginning

However I am feeling strangely...great!

I believe they say it takes 3 weeks to make something a habit. Wish me lots of habit forming behaviour!