10:16 PM

Catching up with the wagon

Well I've more than fallen off the wagon...I think I fell into a mega-deep pothole and then was run over while being lapped by the wagon. I've given in to cravings, to lazings and when I caught a glimpse of myself in a large mirror today I wasn't totally shocked but wow was I disappointed in myself.

So....I'm thinking that I will start a 30 day challenge. Here's the deal:

30 days of activity - min 1 hr per day
30 days of cleaning up my eating...and an attempt to battle my sweet cravings

The last few days have been good. It has helped that the weather has been great!

Friday I took the dog to the offleash and we walked for an hour - ok, he may have run some too. Saturday we went to visit another hound at the pound and stopped at a different offleash for about 35 mins. A little weak but still better than not moving at all. Today, I tried out a hot yoga class and we went back to the offleash.

So far so good...I need some help with sweet cravings and to get back to incorporating veggies in my diet - love em but seem to have lost em...