8:05 PM

True colors

You know the song, "I see your true colors shining through....and that's why I love you..."

The house and I have an interesting relationship. When I'm working on it, I'm not always sure I love it. And even when a project is done there is occasionally still some doubt. So let's just say we're working on our relationship.

This weekend I decided to suck up my concerns about trim painting and have at it. Before you get too excited, it isn't done. But you can at least see where things are headed in these pics.

when purchased in May 2006

with the blocks in around the flower beds; started last summer and finished this summer (note how overgrown the nanking is getting and how the Christmas lights have been gradually falling off of the house)

today with painting started (bottom windows have a coat on them) and a pruner taken to the nanking (and the screen door off to paint and the Christmas lights removed finally)

So the challenge is the stupid bay window. The ladder doesn't sit solidly on the window because the ladder is too big to sit inside the frame and too small to sit on the edges of the window frame. And of course the nanking is doing a good job of defense on the other side. There were moments today when I contemplated calling a painter. But a little voice inside my head keeps reminding me that I don't have the budget for that....where's the 6/49 when you need it?

And any chance that Star Choice would want to come and take their satellite dish back and fix the resulting hole in the roof left by removing it? Sigh....didn't think so....