2:52 PM

Cabana boy not included?!

The little trailer is coming along although I keep finding more things to fix as I go. Latest is the sink drain which I never use but will see if I can fix anyway so that if anyone dumps anything down the sink it doesn't end up on my dishes. I bought a new "porch light" for it as well since I can no longer get a cover for the old one. Two window cranks are on order to replace the stripped ones. Flooring is still underway but is definitely not my forte and I am hoping to finish painting the cabinet doors and add the new hardware today. I also have one more bunk cushion to cover and then some throw pillows to cover. And I will probably take it in for new tires.

This is the inside when I was tearing it apart but had started painting the cabinets:

Today I decided to see what the cabana that came with the trailer was all about:

It's kind of neat; it installs in a channel along the roof's edge. This required a ladder and more patience than I generally have so I'm not sure what it would be like to put up when in a campsite by myself. The tip of one of the poles is broken and the others are a little rough but some wd40 will probably fix 2 of them. I think it needs some patio lights. And it didn't come with a lounger and cabana boy delivering slushy drinks....


Anonymous said...

2 nights of camping avec child and I have come to the conclusion that I totally need a trailer... pop up tent trailer? boler? Thoughts? (don't know if I can tow either with the current vehicle...)

EPrairiegrrl said...

I know you can find old pop-ups for cheap but they usually need the canvas replaced - not sure how expensive that is but to get rid of mildew etc. it would be worth it. Boler's only weigh 900lbs (the 13') and mine is 1600lbs. Check out www.fiberglassrv.com they have all kinds of info and postings of some for sale by owner and referral ads people have seen. And if you see one out in someone's farmyard just sitting I'd ask if they'd sell. I checked out a new lightweight trailer the other day - same length as mine but taller but for $17k I'll keep working on my project lol.