9:33 PM

Just say no? but why?

So the other night, on the eve of one of our nicest days here in weeks, I felt like maybe I was coming down with a cold. And of course being the subscriber to anything the drugstore offers to head off (or control the symptoms of) anything cold or flu-like I broke out the Cold-FX and oil of oregano pronto. And that night I had the most interesting technicolor dreams going on....first my cousin had decided to sell their house with a view and move down the hill but the house that they were going to reno to suit them had another house that came with it that was much smaller but perfect for guess who? And at a price of about 1/2 of what most houses in that neighborhood were going for! I could picture baseboards, hardwoods, the walks to Starbucks, the whole nine yards!

But the next dream was by far the most entertaining. One of my single girlfriends, recently a mom was getting married. Of course the focus of the dream was not the groom who was a blurry but attractive figure at best; but on the colorful dresses, choirs (yes multiple!) and musical performances including her son on rollerskates at one point. It can best be described as a cross between The Sound of Music and Highschool Musical.

Best entertainment I've had in a while....and seems like the cold has gone away too! Maybe this is why people are into "natural remedies"?


Anonymous said...

um if that is me you are talking about then that is too weird, since I had a dream that the schoolmarm & I were throwing you a wedding social. And wearing godawful green dresses.

EPrairiegrrl said...

Not dark green velvet? lol And yep, it was you and it was practically technicolor....turquoise and pink among other colors...the choirs totally got me. Haven't had a memorable dream since either.

schoolmarm said...

Whee ha - and a choir too??? Musta been heaven. hehehehehehe