8:22 PM

Where can you get a Baba when you need one?

I am struggling with a cold and really wishing that I could find a baba to borrow to make me homemade soup, boss me into bed early and generally coddle me.

In the meantime I've warmed up some M&M cabbage rolls and boiled some perogies which was ok but not the same as homemade and then today picked up some Thai green curry sauce and ColdFX. I've watched bad television - well as much as you really watch bad television as having it on in the background, I've read a bit but my focus isn't great and I've surfed the web. (I got a netbook for Christmas and got wireless set up so I can surf from the couch!)

I think the web is interesting on a number of fronts but today I've noticed that if I want to find in-depth information it's there but if I only want to browse some surface level stuff the web offers that too. Something for everyone really and truly.

Now if only I could find a Baba rental website...

12:07 PM

Hello Media? You're not helping!

"OTTAWA - Canadians have plunged into a "psychology of recession" that could further damage the economy, says the Conference Board after its latest survey found consumer confidence skidding to the lowest level in 26 years."

Hmm....do you think the fact that every news channel and paper has been nothing but doom and gloom for the past month or two has anything to do with this?

I love that later in the article they sneak in:

"While the jobless rise in 2009 will hurt, it's still a far cry from the last two recessions, however. Unemployment hit 13 per cent in the 1980-81 decline, when industrial North America - mainly the steel and auto sectors - went through a painful restructuring.

In the early 1990s the recession hurt real estate and retail sectors and pushed the jobless rate to 10 per cent."

I'd love to see the economy bounce back but I'd also love to see some responsible journalism....or is that about as real as Santa Claus?

**Update** In another gloomy article I found this gem "RBC has revised its GDP forecast to 2.1% for next year, down from a previous estimate of 3%."

2.1% GROWTH....yes, that's still economic growth that their predicting here in Alberta!

11:35 AM

I don't know how he fits it all in the sleigh but...

Gingerbread men…with heads
Chewy ginger cookies
Baby brownies
Lemon poppyseed shortbread
Cranberry shortbread
Pumpkin cookies with frosting
Almond Roca bars
Buttertart slice
Apricot almond biscotti
Cranberry choc chip biscotti
Greek biscotti

Some of the recipes didn't make much...and then there was the sampling factor but it still all needs to fit in a carry-on. No, Air Canada, I do not trust you with my Christmas baking in checked luggage.

8:02 PM

Calgary - it's closer to Toronto than you might think!

Ok so it snowed here on Friday...and Saturday. And yes, it snowed quite a lot. Then it got bitterly cold - really not quite what would qualify as bitterly in Winterpeg but still when the wind chill is -39 here it's a shocker. So we had Sunday to get snow cleared and get used to the temps. Today we didn't have to call in the army but my commute in (on relatively dry pavement) took about an hour and a half. My commute home took 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Were there accidents? You bet. Were some of the intersections slippery? Yes again. Should it have more than doubled the commute? I don't freakin' think so!

Put down some sand and let's get on with things people. Wait, what's this I heard on the radio? It's too cold to put anything on the roads? Who came up with that story? Because in Winnipeg at -50 I have seen sanding trucks and graders out. But apparently here in the metropolis, it's too cold for that.

It is not so cold though that people would want to move into the center of the train to let other people freezing their arses off on the cement platform outside in -30 get on the train. It was a 4 train wait to get on a train going home. And the next time transit tells me it's only 3-5 mins between trains at rush hour I would like to know what kind of math they use since 4 trains = 32 min. Thanks for putting a clock on the platform.

So what do you do on a day like today when you get home? Make 2 kinds of dip (salmon spread and cream cheese with spicy mango chutney) and provide quality control for the buttertart slice; even though you tested it yesterday too.

And then go rant on your blog.

And hope you're not in the ditch tomorrow when you get your car back with it's summer tires still on.

**Update** I should have kept quiet about the commute...Wednesday my commute in also took 2 hours! Today I'm working from home...commute time 0 minutes; work attire - sweats and a Harvard Business School t-shirt that is too snug; multitasking - dog cookies baking in the oven :-)

11:21 AM

Merry Christmas from Boo's cousin Bailey

10:42 PM

Santa, we need to talk

Hey S.C.

I'd say I've been pretty good this year - not perfect, but we all need something to continually strive for and knowing all the behaviour which you must see, I think we can both agree that I'm holding my own here.

So, hopefully I'm not too late to send you my wish list:

  • a special protective bubble for my car (which maybe I will get back after Christmas?)
  • a dependable guy - no, I do not mean another ex that makes a repeat appearance - that's not the kind of dependability we're talking about Santa. Kind and attractive would also be part of a nice package.
  • interesting work with good people - I think that's already covered but I just want to make sure it stays on the list
  • spruce up the economy - mostly I'm concerned that the house of never ending work may be worth less than what it cost; this is not optimal Santa so let's get that economy straightened out. I'm sure you'll be seeing this on lots of lists. While you're at it - those politicians in Ottawa that seem to have better things to do than to work on this issue should be on your list for coal delivery...or maybe rotten bananas or something.
  • grace...I could use this in a lot of areas. One of them is on that new exercise ball that the physio suggested I use....
  • more good times with family and friends; wherever we all are
  • new episodes of Grey's Anatomy - it's not very fair for me to actually make an effort to watch one show that is on too late on a work night only to find out that it is a rerun - if those people aren't producing new shows then they need to be on the same list as those politicians mentioned above
  • more pretty sparkly light displays (and less seizure inducing weird representations of the Christmas spirit). If you happen to knock out power to a couple of those here in town it might be a relief.
  • peace and harmony - mostly at our family Christmas dinnertime but it would be great if you could spread some of this around other places as well
  • and if you have a spare Miata or Camaro or something fun like that kicking around...well I'd be happy to take any surplus inventory off your hands

Santa, I'm sorry but I can't guarantee that you're getting any of the good baking again this year. I will try but the boys seem pretty convinced that oreos and milk are your fave. And my apologies to Rudolph and the crew; they don't believe they'd prefer ranch dip with their carrots either.

Love to Mrs.Claus and the Elves too,


3:19 PM

Dating and confused

"Well, actually, nobody on this planet ever really chooses each other. I mean, it's all a question of quantum physics, molecular attraction, and timing. Why, there are laws we don't understand that bring us together and tear us apart." ~ Annie, Bull Durham.

Ok so is it the timing that's off? Should I have studied more physics? And why does attraction have to be so out of our control? Why can't we be attracted to the person who on paper is the best match for us? Why is it so hard to find a good partner??

I have been seeing a seemingly nice guy in his early 40s. We have lots in common. We can talk for 2 hrs at a time on the phone. But (you knew there was a but, didn't you?) I don't think he's that into me. And ambivalence isn't a characteristic that I find appealing; it's hard on the self-esteem and the confusion it creates sucks up a lot of time and energy for over-analyzing. On the other hand there is a much younger guy (like well beyond my usual 7 yr age limit in either direction) who is the nephew of some friends that I see off and on every so often for social evenings. On paper this is a ridiculous match but the sparks are almost tangible. He's goofy at times and makes me feel young (I know that is totally cliche) and yet seems to have his crap together - owns a house and just started his own construction business, helps out his family etc. But (yep, another but) we never seem to get it together for more than the odd spark filled evening every few months.

And why did god give men radar? 'Cause I swear that they know when there is no man in your immediate vicinity and then they can't be bothered to give you the time of day but if you get just one phone call from a potential suitor they are back to being interested. Even when logged into an online dating site I've noticed it is all or nothing - lots of emails/smiles/instant messages or nada. I would love to know what women's equivalent power is...because understanding men sure isn't it.

Annie: What do you believe in, then?
Crash: Well, I believe in the soul, the cock, the pussy, the small of a woman's back, the hanging curve ball, high fiber, good scotch, that the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent, overrated crap. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and the designated hitter. I believe in the sweet spot, soft-core pornography, opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days.

10:05 PM

Something's missing and I don't know how to fix it...

Bad case of the pre-Christmas blues compounded by pms, my sister and her boys' departure and some sad goings on of a friend.

I miss:

  • coffee with friends
  • shopping on Corydon
  • snow....hmm, maybe I'm coming down with something!
  • having company crowded into my little house
  • not having to think about the packability of gifts
  • my mom
  • being part of a couple
  • believing in Santa and the magical sparkle of the season

I am not the kind of person who is organized for Christmas months in advance which may be a good thing. Maybe as I get into the swing of things the blues will lift. My trip home this year will be very brief since I have no vacation time so I will have to enjoy all of the -30 and visiting that I can!

3:37 PM

Like Father, Like Daughter?

This past weekend my Dad came out to pick up his Ford Explorer - graciously lent to me to try out camping here in Alberta. One of his friends also flew out a day later so that he would have someone to drive back with, which I thought was nice although it did inspire some housework and reno panic.

The thing about my Dad and his visits is that he is determined to help me with things that need doing around the house. No, not cleaning, or painting, or electrical or plumbing...and not always things that are high on my list. Where it gets more interesting is that my dad believes that you should do things yourself but he isn't always very good at doing them. To up the ante, he an I do not work well together but he insists on doing things with me and not on his own.

This visit I suggested that we work on finishing doorframe trim and baseboards. My front door has looked like vandals had at the casing for quite a while and in October a girlfriend hauled out a small compressor, air tank and nailer from my Dad's that I had yet to put to use. We managed to get through Friday with no renos since I booked a dentist appointment and then we had to go to the airport and then a late lunch and so on.

But Saturday the push to get into projects took over my father and by 9 a.m. he was saying the phrase that always gets my ire going "well, we better get started on this stuff or we won't get anything done y'know!". Another thing to know about my Dad is that at home he can't seem to get to bed before 3 a.m. or get up before 11:00 a.m. if allowed to run on his own schedule but when visiting me he is usually up around 8:00. During the week I am up at 6:15 (give or take a few snoozes) but weekends I like to get up about 9:00 and gradually ease into the day after a latte and some HGTV.

Well the funniest moment of the weekend came on Sunday afternoon after I said I didn't want to do more trim and had enough. Dad had been working in the back bedroom for some time and I had heard the usual cursing as he went up and downstairs cutting and recutting boards so I thought I should at least check on him (and encourage him once again to stop and just come and visit). The door was closed and when I inquired how he was doing (alright so I said "have you fallen and can't get up in there?") the door was opened with the sound of wood splintering....yes, he had actually nailed himself inside the room.

After I told a number of friends this story I started to reflect and wonder....how alike are we?

  • *When I project there is generally swearing involved somewhere around the 2/3 mark in the project when things aren't going how I envisioned
  • *I don't often read directions
  • *I tend to rush towards things being "done" and maybe skimp on details and can be a bit sloppy (see recent trim painting)

I do at least feel a bit relieved that I can see some differences too...

  • *I prefer to project alone
  • *I refuse to push on when it's not going well and will put things down and walk away (usually this is when I consult the internet)
  • *I never start a project before 10 a.m. and often start late at night

I have heard that women turn into their mothers but is it possible that in this day and age we're at risk of turning into our fathers too??

I just hope I've also inherited some of the best of both too!

8:28 AM

Zoom zoom....boom?

Is there any chance that it's been a full moon for the past 3 or more weeks?

A week ago this Wednesday I smucked up my poor little Mazda. It had no zoom-zoom after I t-boned a young guy who thought he could make a left in front of me in his parents' Audi. They might be almost as unhappy as I was. After the accident I have to admit most things went well; the police showed up asap, the insurance lady set up a rental for me, the girl at Enterprise came in early the next morning for me so I wouldn't be late AND she didn't try to put me in an itty bitty car...I am driving a Buick Lucerne. Of course I do feel like I should be at least 20 yrs older to be driving that car but driving around in veloured luxury isn't hard to take!

Ironically (yes there seems to be a lot of that in my life lately) I was on my way to a doctor's appointment. So this week when I was rescheduled I had to cover off a bit of a sore neck and back before getting back to the reason for my original visit....hives. While I was in Boston I woke up one morning with my lower legs covered in them which I chalked up to some bad chowder the night before. But the stupid things keep appearing randomly and there has been no chowder since. And no, I did not change my laundry detergent - I have been asked that so often that I am starting to sympathize with detergent companies about the bad rap their products get.

The hives have been one issue but on top of that I loaded on a bunch of weight in about 2 weeks - we're talking about enough that even some of your fat pants aren't fitting! And I couldn't lift anything....I felt like a total weakling. And more shockingly, I was going to bed before 10 p.m. and was still exhausted. I think one night it was before 9!! Being as I'm a night owl by nature that may have been the thing that freaked me out almost as much as the hives. On top of those things I also had woozy moments where I probably couldn't tell you my name. And certain body parts seemed to attract more volume. I wondered how to ask the doctor if there was a disease that turned you into a cross between Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian? but itchy...

The good news this week is that my car has only $10,000 in damage. When you think that they may write it off for almost 10k less than you paid for it a year ago, that's good news. And considering replacing the driver's door last year when someone hit it on the street was $3800, suddenly $10,000 doesn't seem like a lot. The other good news is that I'm starting to feel better. Mostly I'm just not as exhausted and a little more clear-headed. And I can fit into my fat pants.

Last night's run: 2.6 miles in about 35 mins. It's bad but since I hadn't been there in more than a month I can't complain too much.

7:53 PM


.... is when the part for your air conditioner is delivered on the same day as the first snowfall.

7:23 PM

I'm not a travelling girl

I got back from Boston (and Rockport) on Sunday evening. It was a great conference on user experience and the web but I was more than ready to be home. I've suspected for a while now that I am not a traveller at heart.

To start I don't love flying. I remember that I loved it when I was younger but now the stress of all of the airport dealings and then being crammed in with other people for hours just doesn't work for me. Although I did get to watch 2 movies since the flight to Toronto is long enough for that.

Hotels are also not a huge perk to me. Maybe all that "nesting" that an ex's mother accused me of has paid off since I enjoy being in my own space more than almost anyplace else. I like puttering around my kitchen and eating out more than once a week is too much for me. I like having the dog take up too much of the bed. I like knowing how to set the shower temperature without even thinking about it (even though at least one of the taps is backwards). And I even like my monstrosity sectional and my smaller than the new average television.

Before I went to Boston I didn't know that it had a reputation for being unfriendly. I struggle with the descriptor "rude" since that's not totally accurate. There were some people who were outright rude but mostly people were just "inhospitable". Answers to questions were minimal at best; there were no friendly suggestions of what to see or where to eat and for the first time ever none of the cabdrivers I rode with said a word to me. Two of them continued on their cellphones and one just looked put out that I was occupying the back seat. No one asked where I was from (other than other conference attendees) or offered any pleasantries about the weather (which was beautiful), sports scores or anything else.

Further up the coast in Rockport people were friendlier although not over the top. There was a more relaxed feeling there though and it was much easier to find things as it often is in smaller towns. I did arrive by train to discover that cabs only exist in the next town and are never really called which meant a 1 mile walk to the bed and breakfast and the same walk back before dawn on the day I had to depart. The lady who ran the bed and breakfast was kind of eccentric and the place was far from clean but had an eclectic charm. On my last night I found a spot that sold whole lobsters ready to eat - usually out back on the deck but since it was chilly mine got to come back to my room. The navy was in town but they all looked like high school boys so there was no risk of any of them joining me!

It is always nice to see other places and to appreciate them for their differences. The architecture was different and beautiful; Calgary seems to knock down anything old and here was a place that continues to build new homes in the old style! The fall colors included more reds than we see here. And you could smell the ocean.

But I am still happy to be home.

8:58 PM

It's a long ways to Boston...

isn't that how the song goes?

And no, you don't grow out of getting motion sick. Stupid mountains...bumpy all the way to the Saskatchewan border. At least the pilot called it bumpy. I called it a lot of things intermixed with a prayer about not puking in public, on a plane, with no escape from the humiliation...only thing worse would be exposing the waxing mishap results.

3:01 PM

Don't try this at home

There are some things better left to the experts; apparently waxing is one of them.

You know that moment when you think, "Oh crap, I'm going someplace where there might be a pool" (or ocean or waterslides or whatever) and there are areas which will be exposed that are not otherwise out in the public arena. And of course these areas have not been made ready for this exposure and you have no time to find a professional to sort out that situation.

Well, that is not the time to think, "I'm sure I had a couple of wax strips from trying to do my legs left in the cupboard." Because that thought is what will result in you not only dealing with self-inflicted pain but also a mess of sticky goop stuck places other than on the wax strip where it belongs. Which means you will hobble into the shower and think, what were the tricks that mom used to unstick things? and then think, I really can't put peanut butter there when I have to drop the dog off somewhere with another dog and thanksgiving dinner in under 2 hrs.

Pool or no pool, the tears have stopped but there is no way I will be revealing greasy, bruised and bright red areas to the world.

Note to self, tip the esthetician extra in future.

12:28 PM

There's only one place they call me one of their own...

And only one place where time flies and I don't even take much for pictures because I'm busy doing stuff!

"So what, I'm still a rock star, I've got my rock moves..." (and yes, my older brother thinks I'm nuts)

And there was also running....

We also did the 5km Run for the Cure and finished in under 45 minutes somehow. We didn't run the whole way but I suspect it was my sister's insistence that we walk faster and get by people...there were about 5600 people participating.

Now I'm packing and flapping since I am headed to Boston tomorrow on the red-eye. I don't know how I keep ending up on the early flights considering I am not a morning person! On the way home I actually caught myself leaning forward and snoring....so much for the attractive gentleman sitting in the seat next to me!

I also played in a soccer game this week. The other ladies had played the three nights before as well so I'm not real impressed that I kept up....but I kept up! Looks like I will be playing defense...right after I figure out how to pay the fees that are double what they are "back home"!

10:40 PM

Not everything needs a hammer?

I went to a women's soccer practice for an over 35 team tonight. Really, the over 35 part is misleading since I think any of those ladies could kick a 19 yr old's butt any day. So all that running that I've been doing? Also misleading...I was sweating 5 minutes in! And my sore knees...it's going to be payback tomorrow for putting them through their paces tonight and my ankles seem to be feeling a bit like the knees too.

The most amusing part of practice was when the woman who was coaching informed me that "not everything needs a hammer, y'know?". Apparently I try to make up for my lack of skills by giving it my all - I run at the ball hard, I boot it hard (sometimes with no regard for where it's going to end up) and I don't always have a strategy for my plays - rarely, if ever actually. Just give'er could be my motto.

This could explain a lot of things in my life: home renos, my driving style, cooking (sometimes stuff gets on the floor - ok most of the time!), sewing (high speed and limited control), my approach to breaking at pool and even relationships. I generally figure if you just try hard enough it will all come together somehow and of course if at first you don't succeed take a second run at it...just throw yourself into it a bit more.

Do you ever wonder if you're in a patch where life is just chock full of lessons no matter where you turn? I'm getting the message that I need to learn to apply less force and more thought and planning (soccer), take it easy on myself and know my own limits (lean cuts class), and pace myself (running 101). Well tonight my homework involves vitamins and ibuprofen!

6:02 PM


Today I got back to painting the trim on the house. I can't say I enjoyed it or was any better at it than last time. I put a second coat on the lower windows and the front door frame (yes I was too chicken to get back up the later and have at the upper windows). I also started on the lower windows on the back of the house and where I thought I just had a bit of peeling paint...

This is one of those times when a condo looks good; when I understand that what I spend on never ending repairs and renos is probably more than expensive condo fees and about as satisfying. Usually my feelings are expressed as expletives at this point in the job and today was no different.

So once again I headed to Home Depot. No, they still don't have a frequent visitors/buyers program or a speed date while you wander the hardware aisle program either.

However they do sell some stuff that is kind of almost a bit fun for fixing gaps and holes...which is how I decided to categorize this mess. It comes in a can and reminds me a bit of silly string. So now my window frame can look like this:

No, that will not be the end of this project. Apparently once the foam is set I can cut/tool it into whatever shape I need. And what I need is a window frame shape....for now...until the lottery comes through and I can replace all of the windows on this money pit...er, I mean house.

I knew that procrastinating skill would come in handy eventually! You might say it even ties in well with the idea of trying to maintain a budget! Wow, not only am I learning repair skills but how not to overspend....what do you mean that new purse I bought on Friday isn't a necessity??

The screen door is also now re-installed on the front of the house. It didn't get lighter while it sat on the stoop either. And I put new numbers on a few weeks ago too. It is supposed to be better "feng shui" to run them horizontal rather than vertical - I'll take all the help I can get...with my chi or otherwise!

Tonight I know a run is in order but I'm counting some of this stuff as weights....stupid house repairs have to be good for something! Now when is the houseboy showing up to do something about all those leaves?

My run on Weds. was awful! 3.1 miles (5 km) in 39 mins 38 secs and hating every minute of it.
Tonight's run 3.1 miles (5km) in 38 mins 16 secs. I switched to 5 and 1's and dropped my pace to 5.2 for runs and 3.8 for walks.

7:21 PM

So this is what work-life balance looks like....

Today we had a work event at the zoo. The theme was around your environmental footprint and most sessions had that focus but there were some that were just plain fun.

I got to go behind the scenes with the giraffes and even feed 2 of them carrots.
What an interesting way to show your employees appreciation while allowing them to learn some things that they can apply to their personal lives which may also benefit their communities!

8:05 PM

True colors

You know the song, "I see your true colors shining through....and that's why I love you..."

The house and I have an interesting relationship. When I'm working on it, I'm not always sure I love it. And even when a project is done there is occasionally still some doubt. So let's just say we're working on our relationship.

This weekend I decided to suck up my concerns about trim painting and have at it. Before you get too excited, it isn't done. But you can at least see where things are headed in these pics.

when purchased in May 2006

with the blocks in around the flower beds; started last summer and finished this summer (note how overgrown the nanking is getting and how the Christmas lights have been gradually falling off of the house)

today with painting started (bottom windows have a coat on them) and a pruner taken to the nanking (and the screen door off to paint and the Christmas lights removed finally)

So the challenge is the stupid bay window. The ladder doesn't sit solidly on the window because the ladder is too big to sit inside the frame and too small to sit on the edges of the window frame. And of course the nanking is doing a good job of defense on the other side. There were moments today when I contemplated calling a painter. But a little voice inside my head keeps reminding me that I don't have the budget for that....where's the 6/49 when you need it?

And any chance that Star Choice would want to come and take their satellite dish back and fix the resulting hole in the roof left by removing it? Sigh....didn't think so....

2:34 PM

I think I can, I think I can...

Wednesday's run:
3.1 miles (5k) in 39 mins and 45 s and feeling like I had lead boots on.

Today's run:
3.1 miles (5k) in 38 mins and 30 s

Today was a change from 3 min runs and 2 min walks to 5 min runs and 2 min walks. Somehow I thought it would go quicker...like it would be nice to see 35 mins on the timer. The last few weeks I notice that I am sweating more and am very red which I think might be scaring some of the other people at the gym. But as much as I feel like I'd like to keel over I don't think they need to worry.

The run for the cure is in 3 weeks...

10:16 PM

Thank God for the Ipod

Most recent run: 3.1 miles (5k) in 39 mins 12 secs.

6:39 PM

The times they are a changin'

Broke the 40 minute mark today! Was red for more than 40 mins afterwards too. I'm now doing 3s and 2s - 3 min runs and 2 min walks. I'm still debating the Run for the Cure or holding off for the Halloween Howl...or doing both.

Most recent run: 3.1 miles (5k) in 39 mins 45 secs.

8:50 PM

An 8 yr old's perspective on what to look for in a husband

Tonight I called my nephew to wish him a happy birthday and to hear his excited description of his dirt bike and protective gear. While we were talking he told me that I should get a baby puppy; preferably a chocolate lab. When I explained that I couldn't be home to take care of a puppy because I had to work he said that then I should get married so that the husband could look after the puppy....because he wouldn't have a job for the first few days...

Part of me was concerned about why my nephew thinks that new husbands come without jobs but I set that aside to ask him a bit more about why I should have a husband. Some quotes from that discussion follow:

"I think you should marry a really nice guy this time."

Fair enough...I'd tend to agree with that. So I asked him more about what this guy should be like...

"He should be polite and have good manners. And he should have lots of money."

I suspect that the money requirement comes about because every time I am asked to come for a visit "right now!!" I explain that it costs a lot to come on the plane and that I have to work and can't just take holidays whenever I want because I wouldn't get paid or I wouldn't have a job for long.

So, excuse me while I go update my online dating profile:

Seeking very nice guy with husband potential. Must be polite and have good manners. Able to take time off to raise a puppy based on secure financial status and independent wealth.

....oh yeah, and good with precocious nephews.

6:39 PM

What are we running from?

Well I am back to the gym again after almost a week off...I was interrupted by a cold and the return of the dreaded shin splints. I really wish I knew how to get rid of those. The other thing I get part way through my run is a stitch in my side...suggestions for getting rid of either are welcome!

So now that I'm back at it, I think it's time to find a run - preferably a 5k run since that's what I work my intervals around completing. I just made the leap from 1 min runs and 2 min walks to 2 and 2s. My walks are at 3.8 mph and runs at 5.4...whatever that means. I generally do weights after I run mostly because I think I get a better run in that way but have heard that I should do my cardio last...like anything else fitness or nutrition related it seems to depend on who you ask.

There is this one http://www.arres.ca/mayors_race.htm which is coming up a little fast for my liking but would be doable at a less than stellar pace. Maybe at 3 and 2s? (that's 3min running and 2 min walk intervals)

And there is a 3k called The Halloween Howl http://www.events.runningroom.com/site/?raceId=3927

And last year the one I did was in early November and was the Jingle Bell run. It sleeted and snowed during the run so it was quite the initiation. My time was terrible but I was pleased to finish!

So...any takers to train for a 5k wherever you are?

I recommend the very funny book, The Non Runners Marathon Guide for Women by Dawn Dais. And no, I do not have marathon aspirations but her training schedule and Bridget Jonesesque diary entries are more motivating for me than a hard core coach.

Most recent run: 3.1 miles (5k) in 41 mins 30 secs.
Cool running gear: nada

8:38 PM

Camping take 2!

I headed out camping again this past weekend...most things in working order but a few more tweaks to make as always...it's a lot like the house really! This time I was losing the bumper on the trailer when I got there - you can kind of see the odd angle that the spare tire holder is at in my pic - I took the spare off to try to take the weight off and hoped bungy cords would hold on the 2.5 hr trip back on the QE2....there would be nothing like losing a 4x4 metal bumper in heavy highway traffic to put you on the news!

This time there were no services at the site, outhouses and only 2 coin op showers for I'd say 100+ sites. Pretty rustic as camping goes. On the other hand, the treed sites were really nice and there was a small beach with a nice lake.

Camping is different here...I've never been woken up in a MB campground to the sound of a loud generator. Alberta is like Texas...they like everything bigger and louder here. And motorized - you're nobody without a quad, dirtbike, snowmobile and 4x4 to take out into the quiet and pristine wilderness!

In other news, I have started back on the gym wagon. The first time was just plain awful. It is slowly improving...I need to fit back into some jeans again!

Most recent run: 3.1 miles (5k) in 42 mins 20 secs - and that's all 2 min walk and 1 min run intervals (with a few 2 min runs when I can manage it) which isn't where I want to be but the pace is decent to build on.

11:36 PM

It's a "transitional period" not a midlife crisis!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces. ~ Bridget Jones

Well I went to see a psychic the other night with a friend. Going for a coffee and movie would be much cheaper but it sounded like an interesting outing and I figured what the heck! She doesn't call herself a psychic...something more along the lines of energy flows and auras and a whole bunch of other terms which I had never heard and seemed like a nice woman who reminded me a bit of Loulou's mom.

As I listened to my friend's "reading" I was quite cynical and thinking that some of it seemed a bit vague to me although related to her - she was going back to school, she did have a child etc. When it came to my turn it was different than I expected...still a bit vague but very different from my friend's reading and pretty spot on in some ways. I'm not going to get into details but one of the things she talked about was that I was in transition in all of the areas of my life which was unusual for me. NO FREAKIN' KIDDING! In the past I've always joked that I can get 3 out of 4 areas of my life going well but there is always one area in flux or going crappily (I know it's not a real word but it works). And yet lately, it's like everything is up in the air - not lately as in the last few weeks, more like lately as in the last 12 months. Career, love life, home and friends/family.

I will say that I fought it initially. For a girl who seemingly chooses to change things up quite regularly (18 moves? 20 moves?) I can't say that I embrace change wholeheartedly. Change I can control or am choosing is one thing; change that happens to me....not my idea of a good time and I fight it kicking and screaming. Now however, I almost feel like I am settling in to letting what will be, be.

I mean after you find out your husband is a sociopath and find out all kinds of horrendous things, think you may not be able to hold onto your home and do but with a mortgage larger than anything you could ever imagine, work like a madwoman almost 24x7 and have your "I just want the best for you as your friend" boss punt you from your job, feel like you've lost touch with some friends and do not seem to be gaining many new ones, what can be next? At the very least the next things to come along have a much higher bar to reach to shock me.

Look, are you and Cosmo in on this together? Because every time I see you, you seem to go out of your way to make me feel like a COMPLETE idiot. And you really needn't bother: I already feel like an idiot most of the time anyway - with, or without the fireman's pole.

Who knew that not knowing could be so freeing?? And almost fun...I've gotten back to some renos - have a bit of a girly bedroom, considered selling to move to the city, considered moving further out for cheaper housing, wondered about living in the states, gone camping solo and been a curiosity in the campground, have been out on a few dates, stopped dating, continued to date online, sold the Aztek, bought a zippy little Mazda, drive too fast with the sunroof open and belting out 80s for the ladies, had a bit of a fling with a 23 yr old, lost a job I thought was my future and that consumed me, flirted badly with the 28 yr old at the Home Improvement Warehouse - now you know why I keep painting!, am now working a job which requires no after work hours concern from me and gives me every other Friday off for more pay, lost weight, gained weight, started another tattoo, considered buying a truck, considered buying a camaro, dreamt of winning the lottery (so I wouldn't have to choose between the truck or camaro), got my divorce papers and laughed when I saw that they were printed by a dot matrix printer, debated having a child, started researching adopting, thought about moving home, thought about digging in, wished someone would move out here, wondered if I could learn to surf this winter, and strangely through all of this am not feeling totally panicked that I have no definite plan or plans for any of it. And most days I am not sure I am really 36....I mean where did the last 10 yrs go?? I could use a do-over for some of it...

But she informs me that things are going to get clearer in the next 2 months. Of course, just when I was starting to feel comfortable in limbo!

Resolution #1: uggg - will obviously lose 20 lbs. #2: always put last night's panties in the laundry basket. Equally important: will find nice sensible boyfriend and stop forming romantic attachments to any of the following: alcoholics, workoholics, sexaholics, commitment-phobics, peeping toms, megalomaniacs, emotional fuckwits, or perverts.

11:40 PM

Toughest day in a while

Saturday....had to make a decision to put Moxy down. Strange how such a small cat filled a house.

7:58 PM

Slush anyone?

Today we had hail...and lots of it!

I have to say that this is the greenest I've ever seen Calgary at this point in the summer. It's been quite a wild weather summer here so far.

The upside is that I haven't had to water the lawn and that most of the marigolds I put in seem to be doing well. I fully admit that I'm no gardener and it's survival of the fittest in my yard. The downside is that it's tough to plan for outdoors stuff...I got the backyard mowed but not the front and was just heading out with the dog for a walk when I saw the clouds rolling in that would bring the hail, so we only got as far as collecting the mail down the street.

My next planned camping trip is August 8th to a spot called Cow Lake. I am really missing the lakes from home and am hoping that it's a good campground. There are no services so I will be trying to charge up the battery for the trailer now that I have all of the propane stuff working. The window cranks that needed replacing were fixed this weekend and now I have more detail type stuff to work on but nothing that would stop a trip out!

Here are some interior pics:
The drawers were still in the house at this point. I need to work on floor trim and some toss cushions.

This was the original fabric which went well with all of the faux wood!

And a Boo update - his feet are healed and he's back to his sweetheart self!

4:27 PM

Camping or How I broke the dog

Well I finally made it out for my first trip in years with the trailer! I didn't expect to go that far on my first trip but ended up out near Rocky Mountain House. It feels like a trek to the boondocks but is absolutely gorgeous.

I was in an ATV/Quadders paradise apparently and even got to go for a ride. I'm not sure if I could do that every day and every weekend but it does get you closer to some pretty amazing sights. ( I am on the back of the quad in the pic but learned to duck to not be totally soaked...and when I grow up I want to drive just like Jody)

The dogs ran behind us on some of the trails and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Even Boo who is normally afraid of water if it's in anything larger than his dish.

But later he seemed to be not just tired but sore. As the night went on he stayed put but when we went to go back to our spot he was limping badly. Poor thing had torn up his pads, and is very hobbly now. I have learned that I can lift him but not only do I need to go back to the gym but I think he can lay off the food a little...93lbs is a lot when they're in need of help with the back of the truck, stairs etc. I've polysporin'd him up and will keep an eye on him for the next couple of days and feel guilty.

All in all it was a great trip - I have a list of things I need to pack for next time, some finishing work on window cranks and trim but now the renos seem worth it. And I remember why I bought the trailer in the first place! Although it does look a bit wee next to the big boys...

10:47 PM


(oohaY is Yahoo backwards - as it appears to me on the doors and windows in my building from the inside)

This year I think I have Stampede covered:

  • - party under tents, with live band and food (pulled pork, spicy brown beans and coleslaw with corn in it) and whiskey sours
  • - parade - able to see some of it from my cube
  • - chuck wagon races at a private function with my cousin and her sig. other
  • - pancake breakfast - 2 actually, one outdoors and one at work in our cafeteria - better food, not as nice as being outside and who ever came up with putting the bacon right in the pancake??
  • - beer garden at the grounds for a beer
  • - corn dog (mmmmm.....corn dog!)
  • - chuck wagon races and draft beer....and a mini donut...and some cotton candy and betting against your coworkers
  • - the grandstand show - unbelievable!
  • - boots - worn many times and no blisters :-)
  • - hat - worn many times and once it's on, it's not coming off due to serious hat head


  • Viewed - lots - they're all over downtown
  • Chatted up - nada....have not yet located my mojo it seems

2:52 PM

Cabana boy not included?!

The little trailer is coming along although I keep finding more things to fix as I go. Latest is the sink drain which I never use but will see if I can fix anyway so that if anyone dumps anything down the sink it doesn't end up on my dishes. I bought a new "porch light" for it as well since I can no longer get a cover for the old one. Two window cranks are on order to replace the stripped ones. Flooring is still underway but is definitely not my forte and I am hoping to finish painting the cabinet doors and add the new hardware today. I also have one more bunk cushion to cover and then some throw pillows to cover. And I will probably take it in for new tires.

This is the inside when I was tearing it apart but had started painting the cabinets:

Today I decided to see what the cabana that came with the trailer was all about:

It's kind of neat; it installs in a channel along the roof's edge. This required a ladder and more patience than I generally have so I'm not sure what it would be like to put up when in a campsite by myself. The tip of one of the poles is broken and the others are a little rough but some wd40 will probably fix 2 of them. I think it needs some patio lights. And it didn't come with a lounger and cabana boy delivering slushy drinks....

10:27 PM

Confront me if I don't ask for help.

Remember the movie 28 Days? With Sandra Bullock? At one point she has to wear a sign around her neck that says "Confront me if I don't ask for help.".....I'm thinking that maybe I need that sign....

Tonight I dropped a perfectly good air conditioner out of my dining room window.

No, I didn't open the window and just drop it out. I spent a half hour adding plywood pieces to stabilize it and then a little shelf thing for it to sit on...which I secured with 1 inch screws....into 1/2 inch or more plywood...then I put the metal sleeve the air conditioner fits in onto the shelf thingy and screwed that in. I heaved the air conditioner in and went to get the front panel - I looped the controller through the panel and went to click the front panel on and it wouldn't fit.

Want to know why it wouldn't fit? Um the whole air conditioner had started to slide out the window....and of course now that I had the front panel wedged in the window, I couldn't get a hold of the air conditioner. Good thing I built up the front flower bed and filled it with shredded cedar!

Next I zipped outside and dragged and heaved the damn thing back inside the front door. I live on a fairly busy street but I don't think anyone saw the series of events above...if they did, they are likely still peeing their pants right now.

So....home reno lessons learned today:

  • - Bleach makes you high but also gets rid of stuffy sinuses (I cleaned the inside trailer walls earlier today)
  • - Never turn down a cookie from a good looking guy at a home improvement place...you'll wish you'd accepted and bantered it into a drink or something (I am going to run out of flooring so maybe I'll get another shot at that)
  • - 1 inch screws are not enough....I think this is true pretty much all of the time lol

I am going to claim that the reason I didn't foresee the drop of doom for the air conditioner was the bleach (and later melamine paint) which I inhaled working in the small confines of the trailer earlier today.

Tomorrow, Jorge is coming to help me with setting up the air conditioner so that when I get the new controller part I ordered for an exorbitant amount online (I do love that you can find anything online!) I won't drop it out the window again. I hope the only thing that broke was the controller!

He's also going to look at helping me replace the window cranks in the trailer which are stripped. That involves drilling out rivets...which I am uncomfortable with....unlike putting a heavy air conditioner in a window by myself....

Gwen: Believe it or not, I can make this decision on my own, okay? I don't need your help.
Gerhardt: That's not what your neck sign says.
Gwen: Oh, forget what my neck sign says!

Imaginary Gwen to Gwen: You know you're screwed. Mm-hmm.

9:33 PM

Just say no? but why?

So the other night, on the eve of one of our nicest days here in weeks, I felt like maybe I was coming down with a cold. And of course being the subscriber to anything the drugstore offers to head off (or control the symptoms of) anything cold or flu-like I broke out the Cold-FX and oil of oregano pronto. And that night I had the most interesting technicolor dreams going on....first my cousin had decided to sell their house with a view and move down the hill but the house that they were going to reno to suit them had another house that came with it that was much smaller but perfect for guess who? And at a price of about 1/2 of what most houses in that neighborhood were going for! I could picture baseboards, hardwoods, the walks to Starbucks, the whole nine yards!

But the next dream was by far the most entertaining. One of my single girlfriends, recently a mom was getting married. Of course the focus of the dream was not the groom who was a blurry but attractive figure at best; but on the colorful dresses, choirs (yes multiple!) and musical performances including her son on rollerskates at one point. It can best be described as a cross between The Sound of Music and Highschool Musical.

Best entertainment I've had in a while....and seems like the cold has gone away too! Maybe this is why people are into "natural remedies"?

7:03 PM

Mending fences

After finding out from the utility companies that they had crisscrossed my yard with both a power line and gas line; thus making it impossible to safely dig post holes or to add an inner chain link fence, my dad and I (and the former boy next door) undertook fence repairs.

Repairs also rather than replacement based on the cost of lumber which is about as atrocious as gas prices! I have also hacked at the dogwood some more. It actually seems to be growing more than when I started hacking at it 2 years ago - go figure!

Yes, I realize that the monkey bars need painting and the back fence also needs some attention. Unfortunately those things will have to wait for Fall. This weekend I have high hopes of working on the trailer....which it turns out is still leaking from somewhere...

9:40 PM

The good ones screw you, the bad ones screw you, and the rest don't know how to screw you.

So this week I went out on 2 dates...with the same person. Both dates went on extraordinarily long which some would think was a good sign. From the perspective of there being lots of conversation and also being interactive - we played pool and went bowling as well as dinner - I had a good time. But then when I began to think over the conversations and few of the comments which had been made that I had previously brushed off, my spidey senses started up. Way too many things that reminded me of my ex; red flags if you will:

- All of the women in his past were liars, cheaters, or were convinced he was a liar and a cheat and acted crazily or were mentally ill
- He knows a lot about computers and security and has a multi-thousand dollar system
- Very recently separated and had a child with his ex very soon into their relationship
- Lots of discussion around having been a bad kid and getting into fights - but he is reformed now
- Not so subtle mentions of all of the women online who are hitting on him or who have hit on him in the past
- Likes to observe people and read a lot of psychology books when he was in his 20s
- When asked "so tell me some good things about yourself" said he wasn't good at that

The good news is that apparently my spidey senses are functioning. The bad news is that there are more like my ex out there and I seem to find them.

Other classics from the online dating world include:

- the 22 yr old who informed me that age is just a number and then that his older female friend thought I was attractive and wondered if I was interested in women (you'd think I'd mention that in my profile?)
- the married 42 yr old who was looking for some safe clean fun (and conversation, of course!)
- the 51 yr old...enough said...

Now I remember why I stopped going out on dates in the Fall.

(The quote used for the title comes from Samantha in the Sex and the City movie).

6:32 PM

My women's renovation network

Why I love my girlfriends...after I emailed L'Oreal to say I'd run into an ex on the train and was a bit stunned and shaken, I received this perfect response:

Did you accidentally spill coffee and blister his boys for him? WHICH IS WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE!!!!!"

I also have friends who:

- know how to install a toilet (among other major household reno tasks)
- taught me how to paint (an invaluable skill as it has turned out) "more painting, less talking" was the accompanying suggestion
- can sew anything from curtains to dress inserts to boat thingamajig covers
- bake cookies with vodka in them...and created a drink called the kinky pinky...still good today!
- can make me laugh no matter what
- have shown up, called or reached out at the right time and said and done the right things or just been there and said or done nothing when needed

"A friend hears the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails."
-- Anonymous

11:23 AM

Time after time

"You say, go slow. I fall behind"....

That is exactly what it feels like when you rent a van at Home Depot to haul the stuff you haven't yet bought on a Saturday when everyone else is at the depot to get their garden and deck stuff.

After switching back to summer tires yesterday (and thinking the guy at Country Tire was cute and doing absolutely nothing about it) I decided that I needed to finish the front retaining wall for the flower beds. It looked kind of dumb half-done on one side. So off I went to Home Depot after calling to make sure that I could rent a van from them (none in Airdrie of course) since 500lbs of stuff in the trunk would not be good for my little Mazda...a new way to look at having a lot of junk in the trunk but probably not a good idea.

Anyway, the guy there gave me 45 mins to get my stuff and then I had an hour and a half to get home, unloaded and back with a gas receipt proving I had filled up again.

If you've ever seen Home Depot on a Saturday then you know that this is a lot like running a gauntlet...get to the garden centre at the far end of the store, find a flatbed cart, try not to get distracted by all the plants and trees and shiny things, locate the bricks and start loading, crush a finger between two bricks; utter obscenities and realize you've snapped a nail, continue, tour the plants section and pick up a few shrubs and some flowers, realize the till is lined up 15 people deep so head inside with the cart weighing about 400 lbs, check out and load van, realize you need gravel, head back inside, search the garden centre and give up on the kind that you want and pick some that is probably twice the price, time check 1 hr 20min left to get home and unloaded and back, check out again, load the van next to 2 guys casually loading their truck who make no effort to help or get out of the way, look at the time and decide against a 3rd trip into the store for fence stuff, hit the road, stop and lock the van doors due to fear that they will open on the Deerfoot and create a scene, get onto the Deerfoot which is under reduced speedlimit for construction, get home and haul ass unloading stuff, head back with 20min to get there with gas stop....make it just under the wire, sweating and with brick dust in a lot of places that it shouldn't be - eyes, ears, nose and down the front of my tanktop, locate the car and head home.

On the way home I decided I needed a slurpee so I stopped at the local 7-11 and discovered a new favorite flavor - pink grapefruit!

Then I started on the wall and when I went to place the bricks I realized that I had the wrong kind...or half of the wrong kind...for them to stack together properly. After an almost meltdown I decided that it was only 2 rows so wasn't a structural issue and that I wasn't going to haul back half the bricks and go through the exercise above again. Of course it is bugging me a bit that it's not quite done right but I'm hoping that will pass. In any case it looks better than before. Unfortunately, it also looks like the grass needs mowing again (in less than a week!) and it needs to be trimmed back from the walk.

This was the house before:

Today I still need to plant the shrubs and decide if I want any more - I'm thinking I may just buy a couple of bigger ones for the back or I may just save my energy for the upcoming fence that has to be torn down and rebuilt. And yes, suggestions for getting rid of the horrible dogwood that I have been chopping at for 3 summers now are welcomed.

Most recent run: screw the running...I hauled 38 x 9lbs of bricks plus 5 x 40lbs of rock plus misc. plants = a homemade workout

Days left to train for run: see above

Dates since last post: 0...including one recent chattee from online who informed me he's now "seeing someone that looks like it has potential so sorry and good luck"...I can't decide if this is better than just disappearing (which I have also been guilty of), laughable or what. Maybe I need more new tires...

10:35 PM

Famous Reds

Came across this slideshow today...it made me smile... http://tvguide.sympatico.msn.ca/Galleries/pg_index2?feedname=PHOTO_GALLERY-TVG_REDHEADS&pos=1

Back to running tonight...after 2 weeks away! I still managed a 5k even though I was sure I was going to drop dead on the treadmill right next to the super-built hulking weightlifter dude. Funny how the fear of totally embarassing yourself will keep you going!

Most recent run: Tonight, 3.11 miles (or 5k) in 41m 20s

Days left to train for run: Guess I'd better pick a run...

Dates since last post: 0

10:08 PM

The prince not so charming trend

So I had a birthday...and now it seems I'm at the point where I could quite happily let the number go unnoticed and just have the celebration! It may sound ridiculous but most days I think I feel about 28 even though the life experience tally could be closer to 45 or so.

Especially when I read about "lost boys" who still live at home in their 30s and beyond, don't have any big motivation or aspirations and are kind of drop-outs from what I consider to be reality....stuff like trying to make something of yourself, having something to show for your efforts, trying to find balance between working and relaxing and generally being self-sufficient with a little left over to try and give back.

Read the article and subsequent comments here: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2008/05/21/f-vp-handler.html

Now generally I'm a live and let live kind of person, but something that sets me off is people who feel entitled without lifting a finger...or moving a braincell. And that's basically the impression I get from a lot of guys in their 20s and 30s and many of those who commented on the article. The "why should I bust my ass?" kind of attitude grates on me and makes me want to ask "why should I bust mine to cover mine and yours?" or why should your parents? or your wife?

I don't feel the need to have an extraordinary house or luxury vehicles but after now being the primary breadwinner and person motivated to have a home base and some plans; in stark contrast to my sig. other a few times, I am starting to wonder if there actually is a trend and it's not just the guys I choose? I have been accused of being a "nester" by one ex's mother like it was incredibly distasteful to want to create a comfortable home. Ironically I've also been called "ambitious" and a "go-getter" using the same tone. My ex mother-in-law raved about what a hard worker my ex was "when he's working" and didn't understand how strange that sounded.

Why is it that the women I know are so self-reliant and able to push themselves in so many ways (homeowners, caregivers, exceptional at what they do for a living and have hobbies and other skills to boot) and the guys out there seem so lukewarm about anything other than kicking back and allowing others to take on all of the responsibility? Is Homer Simpson really who they are happy to become? If the label for women with this attitude is princess, what do we call this new kind of guy?

9:50 PM

Self cleaning house

Why can't they come up with a self-cleaning house? and yard? I never seem to be on top of all the work that should be going on around this place and having company only makes that more apparent.

Most recent run: Tues, 3.11 miles (or 5k) in 41m 40s (sucking wind the whole time on this one)

Days left to train for run: 17...unless I opt for the father's day 5k instead...

7:35 PM

Shopping for a truck is like online dating....

Lately I've been looking for a truck to pull my trailer (see pics below). Who knew that this would be such a challenge in Alberta? I have also been doing a little bit of online dating and I can't help but notice some similarites:

  • - Very few people use current photos
  • - A description can sound really intriguing compared to reality
  • - Guys want to discuss size and performance

However, although it sounds very close to something I might have heard during an online chat, "it's got new rubber" has only been used while telling me about the truck that I've called to enquire about...

So far I haven't found anything I like enough for more than a quick test drive in either domain.

Most recent run: Saturday, 3.11 miles (or 5k) in 40m 10s

Days left to train for run: 18

Dates since last post: 0 (one request that I put off for a week lol)

10:24 PM

Summer deadline

I started working on the trailer last weekend...with any luck this weekend will bring warm weather, the mowing will go quickly and I can continue to pretend the basement will finish painting itself.

Before washing, repairs and waxing:

and after:

Next up is interior work...painting cabinets, finishing re-covering the front bunks, flooring and cleaning. I think it may be more than a 1 weekend job....

6:49 PM

A Fresh Start Monday

Today I started another new job...and no, I didn't get let go from the last one in the month that I was there! I had applied for this one at the same time and their hiring process was a bit slower but when the offer came I had to put aside the guilt I felt about the job I was at and really consider:

  • - interesting work on new web projects
  • - a seemingly excited about the work group of coworkers/managers
  • - better pay
  • - a compressed workweek which means every other friday off
  • - still being able to take time off for a visit with my sis

And today the list got better:

  • - a window seat!
  • - subsidized cafeteria and lots of other stuff nearby
  • - a super smart group of coworkers and nice to boot!
  • - a blackberry but no on-call
  • - two (count 'em) two flat screen monitors
  • - a session in my first week that includes lunch at a fancy schmancy spot

The people at the last job were nice - no question about that and the consideration my boss gave me there and how great she was about me leaving was amazing. Almost renewed my faith in people again. But there was still a slight connection to my previous employer and all that drama and trauma. And that is something I would rather not deal with when I have the option of starting fresh.

Most recent run: Sunday, 3.11 miles (or 5k) in 42m 20s

Days left to train for run: 25

Dates since last post: 2 (with the same person)

9:19 PM

Hangovers...not like they used to be

I've come to the conclusion that people have a foolish youth because recovery takes too long as you get older. Not that I'm saying I'm "older"! I just don't remember wine spritzers kicking me in the ass quite so hard. Who am I kidding? I never drank wine spritzers in my youth...maybe I should switch back to paralyzers and mixed shots and throw in more dancing?

Or maybe the nasty hangover is the result of a somewhat healthier lifestyle...I mean, I find I'm enjoying my coffee less and less these days so why wouldn't my body be telling me to lay off other unhealthy substances? So much for all those articles claiming that wine is good for you then!

8:12 PM

The glass is definitely half full

I received my personal items from work today. Aside from the snide comment from the courier who noted that I was still in my pajamas after 9 a.m. it was nice to have a delivery. That is until he also mentioned that something in the box seemed to be leaking....

It appears my lovely co-worker didn't bother to empty my travel mug so the now rotten coffee was all over my things....lucky for me the last time I used the mug I had only left maybe a third of a cup. Maybe it was because I'm a non-morning person but it seemed a bit like kicking someone when they're down to me.

On the up-side I am really loving my little Mr.Coffee capuccino machine - a Christmas gift from my sis. I use my IKEA $3 milk frother thingamajig and the microwave for the steamed milk since I hate cleaning the steamer part and use the espresso part with some BC type of crazy coffee - Kicking Horse...more like kicking ass...can't help but wake up when you're drinking that!